About ME

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I discovered ceramics in my 40s and have been taking a combination of college classes, workshops and private instruction ever since.  I am a strong supporter of community colleges and the opportunities that they present.  With regard to ceramics, the access to phenomenal, world class instructors, excellent facilities and much needed supplies is unparalleled at a community college. 

If you have been considering an art class, and especially a ceramics class, I encourage you to see if your local community college offers courses or perhaps has a full program.  You just might discover a love that will last a lifetime.

In the Bay Area, I can personally recommend San Jose City College, Foothill College and West Valley College.  

Alternatively, many professional artists offer private classes and there is nothing better than one on one instruction from an experienced artist if you can find it. 

There is no way I can adequately describe how much enrichment I have gained from learning ceramics.  This beautiful art form has improved my quality of life more than I can say.  I encourage anyone reading to find some form of art to learn.  There is something magical about the learning and the making that changes people from the inside out.  




All trays are slab built and fired at cone 10.

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Thrown Pieces

Throwing is like pulling teeth but the end result sure is pretty.

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Low Fire

Pieces were hand built and fired using a variety of low fire methods.

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Various pieces from over the years.